The word manipulate from – to manage or influence skillfully, especially in an unfair manner to manipulate people’s feelings. Throughout our entire lives, we are constantly manipulated by other people who want us to do something for their benefit. Children will throw temper tantrums if they can’t have their own ways, advertisements on TV features attractive people or flashy ads in order for the consumer to by their products. In times of war, the military will coerce the enemy into a false sense of security or entrap them. Manipulation is not a new product of mankind as the serpent was mentioned in Genesis3: when he enticed Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit, causing Adam and Eve to be banished from the garden of Paradise. It was this type of manipulation that led me to my novel, “Good VIRS Evil” as Satan and his hordes continue to manipulate the feelings of Holly Tanner in order to achieve his goal.  In the sequel I am currently developing, Satan continues his manipulation as he continues in his quest to torment Holly before finally destroying her.

Jack Kerouac influenced me quite a bit as a writer… in the Arab sense that the enemy of my enemy was my friend.

The enemy of my enemy was my friend. How will this affect Holly as she finds out disturbing revelations in the sequel?



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