The beginning

As a young kid, I have always enjoyed immersing myself in books, following the adventures of various heroes.Have drawn a cartoon strip of  a rat modeled after the old Dragnet shows when I was a teen and even sold them to a classmate. As I got older however, I found I liked retailing and put my artistic abilities on the back burner. It was later in life when working at Walmart that these abilities began to re-emerge when I would use the intercom to pitch various products from my department using poetry and humor. No one knew what I what come up with next. Years later working as a night foreman, I began to develop my first novel, “Good VIRS Evil,” thinking what if Satan decided to use modern technology for his goal to destroy mankind. Developing characters and plot twists became an obsession to me as well as a valuable learning experience. Now , four years after starting this book, it is now on Amazon Kindle.


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